Serve Thanksgiving Dinner That Is Prepared With Healthy, Wholesome Ingredients

If you will be preparing Thanksgiving dinner for your immediate family and some distant relatives and would like to serve them healthy foods that are made with wholesome ingredients, the options below can be added to your menu and will provide you and your guests with a delicious and nutrious meal that will be savored by all.

Order An Array Of Organic Breads

Visit a bakery that sells a variety of organic breads. Pumpkin spice, whole wheat, or oat loaves are packed with essential nutrients and omit artificial ingredients that could be detrimental to one's health. If you are finding it difficult to select one or two types of bread or if you are unsure of which types your family members would like, order slices of several varieties and request that the slices are arranged on a platter.

Prior to serving the main dishes, lay the tray of organic slices on a coffee table or in the center of the dining room table and place some jars of fresh preserves or plates filled with organic cheese slices next to the bread so that your guests can consume the slices in their original state or add garnish to them if they wish.

Visit A Farmers Market Or Pick Vegetables From Your Own Garden

If a farmers market is located in your town or a neighboring community, stop by the establishment to purchase organic fruits and vegetables that were grown by local farmers. Purchasing organic items from a market not only ensures that you are acquiring healthy products, but it also helps support farmers so that they can continue to grow crops.

If you are a gardener and have planted organic items on your property, pick vegetables and fruits a couple days before Thanksgiving and chill the items in a refrigerator or cooler. While preparing Thanksgiving dinner, dice vegetables and mix pieces together to create a healthy vegeatable salad. Slice fruit and place the pieces in a bowl. Serve the vegetable salad with a fat free dressing and add a nonfat whipped topping to the fruit slices. 

Serve Turkey Or Chicken Breast That Is Baked

Purchase a turkey or chicken breast that contains lean meat. Instead of slathering butter or oil on the meat and frying it, which could increase the calorie content and provide guests with a high amount of grease and fat, place the meat in a shallow pan and bake the turkey or chicken breast. Baking the meat will provide the finished dish with a golden brown color and crispy texture. If you want  to serve gravy to your guests, purchase an organic bottle that contains ingredients that are healthy. 

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